Human Development: A Cultural Approach 2nd Edition PDF (ebook)

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by Jeffrey Jensen Arnett  (Author)

ISBN-13: 978-0133792423
ISBN-10: 0133792420
Language: English
Format: PDF


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For courses in Lifespan Development which take a chronological approach 

Help students understand how culture impacts development – and why it matters 
Human Development: A Cultural Approach, Second Edition leads students to examine all stages of development through the engaging lens of culture. The first author to take a wholly cultural approach to human development, Jeffrey Arnett integrates cross-cultural examples throughout the narrative to reveal the impact of cultural factors both in the US and around the world. Arnett’s emphasis on culture fosters a thorough, balanced view of development that prepares students to face challenges in our diverse and globalized world – whether they travel the globe or remain in their hometowns.